Top Gamification Predictions for 2011 – Mashable

Top Gamification Predictions for 2011 – Mashable


I wrote an article for Mashable that came out today enumerating some of my top predictions for Gamification in 2011. I discuss the effect gamification will have on healthcare, education, the environment, loyalty programs and big brands. Obviously, I’m bullish on the power of gamification to change the world and engage consumers, but as I reflected on 2010 and looked forward to 2011, I’m even more excited than ever! Be sure to join us at GSummit to kick off what will be known as “The Year of Gamification”. Tickets are selling out rapidly, and it will be truly awesome.

I also promise to write a wrap-up post for 2010 at some point soon!


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  1. In corporate learning there has always been a magical pursuit of engagement and adoption.

    These are fluffy terms for users using the system to complete their required learning and for users to advance their careers through learning what they want to learn.

    Gaming holds out some hope that there may be intrinsic engagement in the software systems used to deploy learning. People will want to learn and develop not only because they can acquire the necessary skills to advance their careers but the system accelerates their acquistion and they can have some fun doing it!

    I think you are right that 2011 will be “The Year of Gamification”…

    Keep up the great work!

    David Koehn
    Director of Product Strategy
    Saba People Learning
    t: @davidkoehn

    • It is definitely true that some industries are way ahead in gamifying. Education has been in the trenches for a long time, but has mostly been a failure (beyond the most basic of digital learning systems). I’m going to deep dive in the state of the art in the new year and would love to get connected with you about it!