Every Start-Up CEO Should Understand Gamification

Every Start-Up CEO Should Understand Gamification


This week, Bing Gordon, former EA executive and part of the KPCB sFund team, gave a practical breakdown of gamification and how it can apply to businesses of every type. While presenting at sFund’s Gamification Event, Gordon gave details on how gamification can help “acquire, engage, and retain” users. More than just a tool to increase time spent on site, Gordon argued that understanding gamification is key to grabbing the attention of today’s population. In regards to the rapid growth of games as the primary medium of entertainment for the Millennial generation, Gordon told TechCrunch, “Every startup CEO should understand gamification, because gaming is the new normal.”

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For the full article, be sure to check out TechCrunch’s coverage of Gordon at the KPCB event.


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  1. Thanks for posting this presentation. How important is it that users be able to link identities together? i.e. Is it important for users to have a “meta-identity” that unifies all of their disparate identities? Or is this better left separate?