A Homerun for GSUMMITx Boston!

A Homerun for GSUMMITx Boston!


It’s the only time that you’ll see both NYC and Boston win in the same game. GSUMMITx Boston gave the NYC GSUMMITx event a run for its money. Our featured talk by Gabe Zichermann was once again a positively hypnotizing experience. Even though Gabe’s has given his gamification talks multiple times all around the world, each time is as if it’s a presentation pitching the wheel tens of thousands of years ago.

Matthew Mamat from Alleyoop (a Pearson Education company dedicated to readying kids for college) told us all about his startup before we got into the meat of the meetup. It’s the Play for a Cause gamified ideation session that really makes this meetup more like a mini conference-like experience. This Play for a Cause session was a great example of enterprise gamification (innovation/strategy brainstorming) to create consumer facing gamified solutions…a brilliant mix of the two sides of gamification. Renee Gillett from Boston’s Museum of Science presented the group with a problem that the Museum is currently facing—the lack of return visits from their customers. Through our unique gamestorming experience, the 50 attendees came up with dozens of gamified ideas to help the Museum solve their problem. Top ideas were a game-like trek through the museum that promotes levels for customers to continue exploring over time, a Foursquare-like check-in game, and treating the Museum visit like a virtual pet. Once again, we saw the amazing collaboration of strangers working together towards a common goal.

Many thanks to our presenters, the Museum of Science and our host, the Microsoft NERD Center. We look forward to our next GSUMMITx in Boston! Stay tuned this coming week to the opening ticket sales of GSummit 2012 in San Francisco (June 19-21).

Video from GSUMMITx Boston




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