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Loyalty is Everything: Ochocinco’s Tragedy


Just to prove what an effective motivator loyalty is for people, Chad Ochocinco posted this video to Twitter last week when his car was broken into:

Can you hear his poor voice crack around 1:31?


The New England Patriots wide receiver was on his day off enjoying breakfast at IHOP when he returned to find his car broken into and his wallet stolen. His forlorn expression was not caused by a lost iPod, wallet, or potential identity theft; it was his Starbucks Gold Card that he was ready to cry about! Ochocinco’s reaction to this thievery proves how much hard-earned status can mean to a celebrity, let alone the average consumer.

“I had $220 left on my Starbucks Card…not just any Starbucks Card…but a gold Starbucks Card”Chad Ochocinco

GCo mourns your loss, Ochocinco.


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