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GList – Recyclebank’s Samantha Skey on the Power of Milllenial Moms


In today’s GList, we are featuring Samantha Skey of Recyclebank

Oh so much has changed since the days of the traditional nuclear family of the 20th century; mothers are no longer the domesticated workers so glorified in old black and white media. In this modern age, mothers are powerful women who are hardworking and educated guardians who can do just about everything. Just like my own mother who has all her little tricks, these modern millenial moms have begun to employ their own tricks at home too: gamification. Today’s millenial moms have started to use gamified systems as a way to manage their own families with success and research to boot! At this year’s GSummit, Samantha Skey will be presenting Recyclebank’s own proprietary research on how millenial moms are using gamification to foster collaboration. This one of a kind presentation will show all parents the potential for gaming as a tool and a bonding experience between guardian and child – Perhaps Dads will be able to see gaming as more than just Call of Duty or Madden too.


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