Siri’s Next Iteration will Teach Programming to Kids

Siri’s Next Iteration will Teach Programming to Kids


Frank Meehan, founder of Kuato Studios, is designing an iPad game to teach programming for kids that will feature Siri’s voice recognition software and it’s starting to look quite impressive. For starters, he has recruited a team of developers from companies like Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto) and Konami (Metal Gear) to produce a third-person shooter akin to Mass Effect. The cool part? Siri will be an in-game assistant to help players through programming puzzles.

Siri is currently in the happy hands of iPhone 4S users but has since been developing into its next generation for some time now. The new Siri won’t just be a personal voice-assistant though. Meehan wants to bring the power of conversation into Siri’s capabilities. Siri in its current form cannot remember context or previous information in its user interaction. Siri’s next generation will be able to remember information and maintain conversation within a narrow context. It is currently being used in a pilot program with Spanish bank BBVA as a banking assistant program named Lola. While the new Siri in this game won’t be able to talk about anything other than XML or Javascript, the implications of an interactive and responsive voice module could be astounding for engagement – and that’s for educating kids to program! Remarkable.


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