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Top Gamification Op-Eds for 2013

Some of our best content has come from guest writers within the gamification community. When it comes to great content, nothing beats real field experience and industry passion to really start and fuel the conversation at large. Read on through to read expert pieces on design and deep industry analysis from experts around the world, including pieces on gamification’s future, a guide for gamifying goals, and the real effect of making badly design gamification systems.

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The Best of Education Gamification in 2013

When it comes to gamification, no community can match the level of excitement, engagement, and dedication to the concept as much as our education readers do.

To wrap up our first week of the best gamification stories of 2013, we’d like to present 5 stories ranging from the emergence of World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and zombies in schools to increased US government spending on educational game initiatives. It’s a good (read: fun) time to be an educator for 2014.

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The Best of Health Gamification in 2013

In our next collection from the best gamification stories of 2013, we have a cornucopia of healthy gamified applications for everyone to check out. Gamification Co readers were most interested in seeing new health apps in 2013 and we have about 20 of the top health apps for you to check out here.

Here’s to seeing even more at 2014! (Especially with all that new stuff at CES)

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The Best of Enterprise Gamification in 2013

Happy new year!

2013 was a fantastic year for gamification and the Gamification Co team. To start off the new year right, we would like to show you some of our top posts from the last year. Check back daily for our top posts in enterprise, education, health, op-eds, and staff pieces.

Starting off the new year, we’d like to share some of the top articles for gamification in enterprise.

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Top Articles for Education Gamification in 2012

Behold! Gamification Co’s Best of 2012 series will conclude with the best of Education from last year. The education community showed intense engagement with these articles for here and I hope that these resources may inspire countless classrooms to change into engagement powerhouses for students. Read on about how some of Blizzard’s most popular games are education High School and College classes, an iPad app to train Autistic children, a classroom gamifying musical compositions, an interview with Kevin Werbach, Coursera Gamification Professor, and finally – a full six part series by an expert educator discusses gamification’s current role in modern education. Get schooled after the jump

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Top Articles by Gamification Experts in 2012

We’re about halfway done with our Best of 2012 series and today we’re going to look at top gamification posts by gamification experts in 2012. Read on for outstanding advice about design, the pitfalls of gamification, top trends in loyalty, and what gamification will really mean going forth in 2013. Gamification experts will always have a voice on GamificationCo and we invite anyone who has something to say to step up to the plate.

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Top Articles for Consumer Gamification in 2012

As we continue with our Best of 2012 Series, we look at some of the top gamification articles in 2012 to engage with consumers. 2012 proved to be an interesting year as more and more companies are choosing to adopt gamification in unique ways to engage with customers. As the industry saturates in 2013, these techniques will have to refined and reiterated and keep up with some of the best examples we see here today.

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Top Articles for Social Good Gamification in 2012

Happy new year everyone! We’re continuing our Best of 2012 Series with the top articles on Social Good from last year. From new startups and successful programs, to Gabe Zichermann’s challenges for game designers, 2012 had some very interesting moments for social good gamification:

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Top Articles for Government Gamification in 2012

To kick off 2013 in style, we’re reviewing some of the top articles at GCo for each of our five categories of Government, Social Good, Enterprise, Education, Consumer, and Expert sections. Click on through to see some of our top moments for gamification in government in 2012.

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