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Meeting Common Core standards with Gamification Mobile Apps

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, common core state standards are now a reality for most teachers. The standards are designed to insure students have the foundation to think critically and meet the rigorous demands of college. There’s also an impetus to make sure schools are preparing kids to compete in a global marketplace. Teachers often [...]

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Is Angry Birds the Gateway to Gamification in the Classroom?

Many would argue that there is a clear distinction between videogames and the art of gamification since the latter specifically applies game mechanics to non-game contexts. However, with a generation brought up on videogames and the need to engage these children in the classroom, the lines are becoming ever more blurred.

Traditionally, one may think of gamification in the classroom as an instance where a game was specifically designed and implemented in order to achieve learning through the application of game mechanics. This embodies the stereotypical edu-tech games like Mavis Beacon where students are taught how to type more effectively through a series of challenges. Games like Mavis Beacon apply gamification through the use of game mechanics like rewards to incentivize completion (whether by points, badges or leveling up), leaderboards to instill competition amongst other participants, and analytics to track the progress of the player as well as overall implementation success.

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Amplify Wants to Replace Textbooks with Custom Learning Tablets

A new digital production company, Amplify, is developing software that may very well revolutionize the way students, teachers, and classrooms interact. Amplify has designed a learning platform for tablet devices that effectively empowers students to take a more active role in their education.

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Game-based Learning for Students of All Ages

Game based learning resources are available free of charge to students at every level. According to Starting Point, Students today spend almost two hours per day on video games. Educators are understandably interested in getting a piece of that action, and that action can be found at the University as well as in the public television sectors.

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Games in Education: Getting Girls in the Game

If asked to describe a typical gamer, most people would probably describe a teenage boy playing games in his parents’ basement. Stereotypes do not always match reality, however. Most game players engage in social play by playing either with another person or online, and girls make up 47% of all gamers. What research has shown is that girls are drawn to games for different reasons than boys and that the factors that motivate girls to play are also important aspects of learning. Researchers are investigating how to create games in education that motivate girls and encourage all students in learning.

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GSummit NYC Wrap Up

As the GSummit NYC came to a close in the main theater, the Gamification Workshop continued into the afternoon. Delegates, abuzz with all the many new ideas they had acquired, seemed to leave the Museum of Jewish Heritage with a renewed vigor and palpable excitement. For those of you who missed the liveblog, read on [...]

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Day Two of the GSummit NYC!

Good morning! Welcome back to the GSummit NYC. After yesterday’s line up of spectacular speakers and panel discussions, expectations are high. But I have a feeling this day will not disappoint. The day’s events will begin with Gabe Zichermann, GSummit Chair and author of the brand new book featuring some easy and powerful tools for [...]

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