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GSummit SF 2014 Speaker – Ross Smith (Skype, Microsoft)

We were excited to welcome Ross Smith back GSummit. Below are his bio, video and slides from GSummit SF 2014: Ross Smith is a Director of Test in Skype at Microsoft. He really enjoys getting a paycheck to “play” with software for almost 23 years at Microsoft. The projects he’s been a part of have […]

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Microsoft: The Future of Work is Play

In late 2013, Gabe traveled to 12 cities worldwide for GSummit Global, a series of full-day workshops and meetups to bring GSummit closer to gamification fans. As a part of GSummit Global, we also released 10 new webinars and videos by gamification and engagement professionals. We will be releasing them publicly as we keep counting down to GSummit 2014.

Ross Smith is Director of Test at Microsoft and Skype. He has been at Microsoft for over 20 years and believes strongly that “The Future of Work, is Play.” In this fast-paced 18-minute talk, he traces motivation and gameplay from Egyptian pyramids to pre-industrial era to hippy 1970s to the future, and suggests how to manage the new generation analyze workforce and work changes today.

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The Big History Project Teaches The Story of Humanity with Game Based Learning

What do you get when you cross a maverick historian, a tech legend, and game based learning techniques? You get The Big History Project, a revolutionary online initiative that challenges the way history is traditionally taught.

The online project, formerly only available to educators, is backed by Microsoft and championed by Bill Gates himself, is in its third year and is being used in over 100 schools across eight countries.

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How the Experts Use Gamification for Employee Engagement – GSummit Global Webinar

A few weeks ago, we had a live webinar for GSummit Global that focused on achieving customer engagement with gamification. Today, we’re going to shift gears and take look at how prominent experts Phaedra Boinodiris (IBM), Ryan Mizusaki (Delta), and Ross Smith (Microsoft) have approached gamification as a means of motivating and training their staff.

Moderated by Gabe Zichermann, the following webinar is part 2 of 3 of our GSummit Global Webinar series, so stay tuned for our final webinar early next week.

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The Top 20 Companies with Employees That Have Gamification in Their LinkedIn Profile

Who reps gamification the hardest on LinkedIn? This is part two in our series on “Gamification” in Linkedin. See part one here:  Why Gamification Should Be in Your Linkedin Profile. Ever wonder which companies have the most employees interested in gamification? Well, the research is done and we created the Infograph below to show you. […]

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How Game Based Learning is Making Training Better

A great deal of research has been done examining how game based learning has been used with phenomenal success in the world of education to enhance students’ learning experience and now more and more research is being done on how the corporate world is utilizing game based learning to increase job satisfaction, enhance training programs, improve productivity, increase sales, and ultimately drive profits.

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Clippy Returns for Ribbon Hero 2 in MS Office’s Learning Tutorial

Of all the free MS Office 2007/2010 tutorials on the web, Clippy’s Second Chance in Ribbon Hero 2 leads the pack in the game based computer application learning. The program loads into MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote) and provides a fun way of learning MS Office’s features.

Isn’t it time you revisited your favorite Office paperclip?

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Project Spark Allows Players to Create Any World They Want

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) is an annual event where developers showcase their latest electronic and gaming projects. Each year this event announces new video game consoles, games, and other media that are deserving of the big stage. Among this year’s presentation of the next round of console wars, shooters, sport games and RPGs, there was one announcement that stood out in the crowd as innovate to say the least: Project Spark.

Project Spark (PS) was a big part of Microsoft’s press conference at E3. The main concept behind PS is that players create their own worlds filled with characters, story, an evolving environment, or anything else they want.

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What the Xbox One Means for Gamification

The successor to the Xbox 360 was just announced about an hour ago and we finally have a name for Microsoft’s next generation console: Xbox One

Many features about the Xbox One looked really impressive, especially the new high-fidelity Xbox Kinect sensor and voice commands but the most significant take-away for gamifiers is the presence of a TV tuner and a nifty little feature called “snap-mode.”

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GCo’s Picks: How Microsoft’s Ross Smith Redefines Productivity with Games

GamificationCo has asked some its editors for their top sessions picks for GSummit SF 2013. Here is Sudarshan Gopaladesikan’s most anticipated session for GSummit:

I love risk-taking. As a junior in college, I have the notion that the workforce won’t allow me to take any risks because safe, but sure investments/ideas are less unpredictable to a company’s profits. Looking through the sessions at GSummit (all of them are great!), Ross Smith–Director of Test at Microsoft–will be speaking on how trust among colleagues can foster individual innovation, productivity, and risk-taking.

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