Earn Your Certificate in Gamification at GSummit

Earn Your Certificate in Gamification at GSummit


Gamification CertificationAs momentum around gamification grows month-by-month, company-by-company, demand for talented designers shows no signs of abating. Gartner Group has forecast that by 2015, 70% of the Global 2000 largest companies will be using gamification and M2 Research predicts they’ll spend over $1Bn annually in the US on the products, services and technologies to make that happen.

But behind every successful gamification implementation is a person or team that has learned – usually the hard way – how to leverage the techniques of games to engage customers and employees. And not a week goes by that we don’t get a request from companies and talented individuals looking for a methodology, process and training program to help get certified in gamification – and to hire someone with the skills necessary to implement gamification in their organization. So today we’re pleased to announce the world’s first Certificate in Gamification that will be offered at the Gamification Summit in NYC (9/15-16).

We’ve developed the program with industry partners, based on experience with dozens of brands and through analysis of hundreds of projects. The program allows you to spend a concentrated two days in NYC, bookended by reading/videos and a practical exercise, and earn your certificate in gamification design at the Expert Level. Take this knowledge back to your company or organization and start gamifying your customer or employee processes right away.

The program is designed to be efficient and practical, giving you the opportunity to work on real projects from your organization. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for one of the limited slots at the Gamification Summit + Workshop
  2. You’ll receive a list of pre-event reading/video material to review before 9/15
  3. Attend 2 days of GSummit, getting best practices and the latest data.
  4. On the second day, you’ll attend an extraordinary design intensive with 4 of the world’s most influential gamification designers, followed by the all-new hands-on workshop, designed by Gabe Zichermann
  5. Post-event, submit a gamification architecture for your real project and it will be peer reviewed by industry experts such as Kris Duggan (Badgeville), Rajat Paharia (BunchBall), Keith Smith (BigDoor) and Kam Star (Playgen) among others.

For more details about the certification program, including program outlines and takeaways, visit the GSummit site now.

Space is strictly limited. Register today to ensure your place. If you have questions, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to answer them.


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  1. Hello all!

    I would like to know why i have to buy a ticket for $1500 and the price for the goddamned book is not included?

    And why i should buy a book – can’t you just teach me all the things in two days – you’re the experts right ?

    • Hey Vitaliy – thanks for the note. The book is included in the cost of the workshop. 🙂

      The purpose of having people read pre-requisite material is to facilitate an advanced discussion. If we spend the first three hours talking about the basic frameworks of gamification (which I and others do at my standard workshops), we won’t have time to get into some of the important meat around the subject.

      The output of the certification workshop is to teach you how to produce a Gamification Architecture – the cornerstone piece required to gamify a product or process. It just wouldn’t be possible to do that in the time allotted unless you do the prerequisites.


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