GSummit Slides Released

GSummit Slides Released


A week ago, today, we kicked off our second Gamification Summit in New York. The results have been awesome, and for those of you who were unable to attend, we are releasing the slides from the conference and also be sure to check out the live blog for a recap off all of the events. There are some highlighted decks below, but visit our SlideShare page for all of the presentations.


Michael Wu explains his research into the science of gamification and online communities. With a PhD in Biophysics from UC Berkeley and three years examining the complex systems of social media at Lithium Technologies, Wu has gained extensive experience in the new science of engagement. He shares the potential and pitfalls of applying the science in this design intensive.

Our world is full of negative reinforcement and punishment for a job done poorly. Games teach us that positive reinforcement works better for creating most kinds of behavior change and adherence. What about in the real world? How can we leverage those behavior-modification lessons from games and apply them to our world to improve outcomes and get the best out of people? Internationally-renowned designer Kevin Richardson will share his vision for inspiring change through Gamification based on his experience and case studies, including his work designing the sensational “Speed Camera Lottery” in Sweden.

Can tracking finances, managing budgets and saving money be fun? figured out a way to not only build an easy-to-use personal finance website, but to attract more than 6 million users since launching in 2007 – 90 percent whom say they have changed their financial habits as a result of using the service. In this session, Aaron Forth (VP and GM of Intuit Personal Finance) will share how has made personal finance fun and engaging through design and gamification, and how other companies can learn from the model.


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    • Unfortunately, fanminds did not present at the GSummit, so their slides are not included. I’d love to hear more about their projects. Please get in touch! Jeff at gamification dot co

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