Are You a Gamification Guru? Join our Community Op-Ed Program!

Are You a Gamification Guru? Join our Community Op-Ed Program!

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GCo: Now accepting gamification guru op-eds

After seeing the results of the Top 40 Gamification Gurus leaderboard in the beginning of the month (I joined the list at #35!), it’s helped me really visualize the passionate people who are working in this industry, as well as the evangelists promoting the idea of engagement with fun design.

I’m certain most of the people on the list have thoughts, ideas, and great information to share with the gamification community and I would like to make these voices heard, which is why I am excited to announce the start of our Gamification Community Op-Ed Program!

Effective Immediately, anyone who is ranked in the Top 40 of the Gamification Gurus leadeboard will be granted a contributor account to write articles that will be featured at

Rules for writing are as follows:

  1. You have to be in the Top 40 gurus for the forthcoming month to write an op-ed.
  2. You must submit your op-ed post to us within that month

We want to reward these leaders with an opportunity to share their thoughts, promote their names within the community, and grow the gamification industry as a whole.

If you’re ranked in the Top 40, please email me at to claim your contributor account! And a special thanks to Toby Beresford of Leaderboarded for making this partnership possible.

 Flickr CC Image by Will Hastings


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  1. I’m playing in other gamification lists on but it was not possible for me to start playing this one… Don’t know why :-O

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