Gartner’s Latest Gamification Research for 2014 with Brian Burke

Gartner’s Latest Gamification Research for 2014 with Brian Burke

brian burke

Brian Burke Shares His Latest Findings on Gamification

Brian Burke is a Gartner analyst specializing in enterprise architecture and gamification. His research led to the infamous prediction stating “80% of gamification initiatives will fail by 2014 due to bad design” and Gartner thinks that prediction is still on track for 2014.

We wanted to get more information on this topic so we were lucky enough to have Brian Burke himself join our weekly Gamification Revolution webshow to discuss his observations on gamifying organizations, new research, and information on his upcoming book. Watch the following video to learn about

  • Transitioning from using gamification as a tactic into a strategy
  • How organizations can  go beyond just jumping on the gamification bandwagon
  • Using gamification to discover underlying business problems.
  • How have we seen organizations balance between fun mechanics and presentation for maximum work space efficiency?
  • And the evolving pathos around gamification in the enterprise

Check out the full video below and be sure to see our next episode this Thursday at 1PM ET featuring Monica Cornetti, an expert specializing in low-tech training gamification. Sign-up and get show reminders!

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  1. Fantastic discussion and extremely valuable information! I am part of an independent student led research project looking at gamification and its level of application in the records management world.

    On a side note, this site is a fantastic resource and springboard for our project!