Gamification Resources List for Educators

Gamification Resources List for Educators

Technologies in use:

Gamification Vendors:

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Case studies:

  • Kevin Werbach – Coursera Gamification course (interview)
  • Ananth Pai – Gamified classroom (article)
  • Coursera 2012 Gamification Class (reviews)
  • Khan Academy – online curriculum for learning a variety of subjects (review)
  • uBoost  – gamify online student experience (review)
  • Treehouse – Learn to Build a Sites and Applications (review)

Find more case studies from Gamification Database – GBase


  • TEDxBerlin – Gabe Zichermann – “Changing the Game in Education” (video)
  • Tim Vandenberg – Monopoly Academy (video)
  • Seth Cooper – Solving Hard Problems with Gamification and Crowdsourcing (video)
  • TEDxKids@Brussels – Gabe Zichermann – Gamification (video)
  •  Jon Guerrera – Gamification as a Tool for Achieving More (video)
  • Sunny Lee – Mozilla Open Badges (video)

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