The Gamification Revolution

The Gamification Revolution

The Gamification Revolution webinar is the only weekly gamification webinar series featuring Gabe Zichermann, where he and some very special guests in the gamification community come together and answer user questions about gamification design and engagement.

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Upcoming Episode: nGUVU VP of Product Strategy, Pascal Leclerc- 1.00 PM EDT June 23rd, 2016

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Archived Episodes

EPISODE 87 – Pascal Leclerc

nGUVU’s Pascal Leclerc revolutionizes the call center workplace environment with the nGUVU platform.

EPISODE 86 – Nick Yee

Quantic Foundry’s Nick Yee decodes the psychology of video gamers with the Gaming Motivational Model.

EPISODE 85 – Leo Trottier

CleverPet founder and CEO, Leo Trottier walks through the company’s gamified pet engagement device, CleverPet.

EPISODE 84 – Andrzej Marczewski

Capgemini solution designer, Andrzej Marczewski discusses his newly released book, “Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play“.

EPISODE 83 – Amy Jo Kim

Shufflebrain creative director, Amy Jo Kim talks about her discuss about her product design program, Getting2Alpha.

EPISODE 82 – Scott Reinke

BSU Achievements Program Coordinator, Scott Reinke walks us through the university’s gamified app, “Ball State Achievements“.

EPISODE 81 – Robert Tercek

General Creativity president and founder Robert Tercek talks about his newly released book “Vaporized” and how to strategize for the future.

EPISODE 80 – Jane McGonigal

Author Jane McGonigal talks about her upcoming new book “SuperBetter” and how to improve one’s resilience.

EPISODE 79 – Guido Helmerhorst

KLM Airlines Guido Helmerhorst discusses about the organization’s gamification initiative “KLM’s Next Top Model”.

EPISODE 78 – Sean Goodman

Clearly logistics supervisor Sean Goodman talks about how Clearly adopted gamification into their logistics training program.

EPISODE 77 – Greg Toppo

USA Today education writer and author, Greg Toppo discusses about the influence of video games in the classroom setting.

EPISODE 76 – Adam Clarke

Lead artist and producer, Adam Clarke discusses how Tates World encourages exploration of Tate’s Collection artwork.

EPISODE 75 – Salih Mujcic

Revelian product manager, Salih Mujcic discusses how to find potential employees with Revelian’s game based assessment tool.

EPISODE 74 – Joerg Niesenhaus

Centigrade GmbH Senior UX designer, Joerg Niesenhaus discusses how to improve custom industrial production with gamification.

EPISODE 73 – Gal Rimon

GamEffective founder CEO, Gal Rimon discusses the design philosophy of Gameffective merging gamification and CRM.

EPISODE 72 – Tim Vandenberg

6th grade math teacher Tim Vandenberg discusses how he used Monopoly helped his student attain record test scores.

EPISODE 71 – Juliana Ruhfus

Al Jazeera’s People and Power chief reporter, Juliana Ruhfus discusses about the program’s gamified investigative documentary.

EPISODE 70 – Bron Stuckey

IEI director Bron Stuckey reviews the current state of gamification in the education space and educators’ recent initiatives.

EPISODE 69 – Elisa Mekler

PhD student Elisa Mekler discusses her 2013 gamification research paper how game mechanics impact intrinsic motivation.

EPISODE 68 – Thomas Hsu and Steve Kaukonen

Accenture’s Thomas Hsu and Steve Kaukonen shares how its gamified social collaboration platform drove employee effectiveness.

EPISODE 67 – Post GSummit Special

GSummit Director, Kevin Shane shares his post-experience and after thoughts in organizing GSummit 2014.

EPISODE 66 – Phaedra Boinodiris

IBM’s Phaedra Boinodiris walks us through how to facilitate a balanced work environment matching individual skill level.

EPISODE 65 – Mario Herger

EGC Founder and CEO, Mario Herger discusses about the latest developments in enterprise gamification.

EPISODE 64 – Ross Smith

Microsoft’s Ross Smith explains how gamification is driving forward big data.

EPISODE 63 – Jon Carder

MOGL founder and CEO, Jon Carder talks about how gamification is changing the loyalty program landscape.

EPISODE 62 – Bill Hanifin

Engagement solutions director, Bill Hanifin discusses about the merging of data driven marketing and gamification.

EPISODE 61 – Todd Deery

Todd Deery shares how Scrum Hero incorporates gamification into FIEA’s game development course.

EPISODE 60 – Ryan Kleps

Ryan Kleps explains how Boeing uses low tech gamification techniques to train its software developers.

EPISODE 59 – Aaron Price

Livecube co-founder and CEO Aaron Price discusses how Livecube app enhances audience engagement at events.

EPISODE 58 – Maarten Molenaar

Maarten Molenaar of Rabobank shares how the company aligns internal gamification initiatives and knowledge.

Episode 57 – MIT Media Lab

MIT graduate students Kevin Rich and Travis Hu explains how Project GIFGIF crowdsources its research on animated GIFs.

Episode 56 – Jake Orlowitz

Jake Orlowitz discusses how Wikipedia’s onboarding program connects prospective editors to Wikipedia’s editorial culture.

Episode 55 – Yu-kai Chou

Yu-kai Chou of Enterprise Gamification Consultancy guides us through the core drivers of the  Octalysis framework.

Episode 54 – Daniel Green

Daniel Green of WikiStrat explains how subject matter experts are crowd-sourced to solve global problems.

Episode 53 – Gabe Zichermann

Gabe Zichermann discusses about the changing state of loyalty programs and answer user questions.

Episode 52  Barry Kirk and Bill Hennessey

Barry Kirk and Bill Hennessey of Maritz Motivations discusses how to make a proper gamified loyalty system

Episode 51 -Sascha Goto

Sascha Goto walks us through implementing gamification in an IT Management setting at McKinsey

Episode 50 -Victor Manrique

Victor Manrique shares his Gamification MOOC philosophy of teaching design.

Episode 49 -Monica Cornetti

Monica Cornetti demonstrates how to gamify training with low to no technology.

Episode 48 -Brian Burke

Brian Burke shares Gartner’s latest findings and research on gamification in the enterprise.

Episode 47 – Gabe’s Gamification Office Hours

Gabe Zichermann tells tales of his travels during GSummit Global and answers user questions.

Episode 46 – Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal explains his hooked model on addictive user design.

Episode 45 – Amy Baskin

Amy Baskin, an English professor at Florida State College at Jacksonville, teaches us low-tech engagement works for education too.

Episode 44 – Guy Halfteck

Guy Halfteck, Founder of Knack, shows us how games can unlock our full potential.

Episode 43 – Stella Grizont

Stella Grizont, Founder of woopaah!, joins our show again to tell us about using positive psychology for engagement.

Episode 42 – Scott Hughes

Scott Hughes, VP of Sales at PunchTab, walks us through gamification’s effect on the loyalty industry.

Episode 41 – Aaron Price

Aaron Price, Co-founder of Livecube, shares how gamifying social media events makes Twitter better for everyone.

Episode 40 – John Hendricks

John Hendricks, CEO of Boombox, explains how his digital agency approaches gamification design for his clients.

Episode 39 – Adam Penenberg

Adam Penenberg, Pandodaily Editor and NYU Professor, comes on to discuss how games have produced innovation in human history.

Episode 38 – Ryan Mizusaki

Ryan Mizusaki, GM of Learning at Delta, shares the story of how Delta designed and created a gamified training solution for their sales clerks.

Episode 37 – Karl Dunn

Karl Dunn, Creative Director for Nissan at TBWA/Chiat/Day, talks about turning gamers into pro drivers with GT Academy.

Episode 36 – Yu-Kai Chou

Yu-Kai Chou, Gamification Evangelist and Consultant, explains his Octalysis theory for motivation.

Episode 35 – Michael Wu

Michael Wu, Chief Scientist at Lithium, tries to explain the complexity of human behavior and motivation.

Episode 34 – Jim Wexler

Jim Wexler, CEO of Experiences Unlimited, comes on to discuss whether advergaming is still relevant in the modern era.

Episode 33 – Mike Skocko

Mike Skocko comes on to talk about his gamified visual-art class and how he turned it into an MMORPG.

Episode 32 – Gamification QnA

Gabe Zichermann explains why gamification certification is important and the best way to get a gamification job.

Episode 31 – Jon Radoff

Jon Radoff, CEO of DisruptorBeam, comes on to give us some lessons on gamification from the lens of standard game design.

Episode 30 – Karl Kapp

Karl Kapp, Professor/Consultant at Bloomsburg University and Gamified Learning Veteran, addresses the anxieties teachers have with gaming in the classroom.

Episode 29 – Nicole Lazzaro

Nicole Lazzaro, President of XEODesign, breaks down the psychology of having fun with her 4 Keys to Fun.

Episode 28 – Tacy Trowbridge

Tact Trowbridge, Head of Education Programs at Adobe, tells us about Adobe’s education resources and the Adobe Education Exchange.

Episode 27 – Mark Golstein

Mark Goldstein, Chairman of BackOps, explains the problem with modern loyalty programs.

Episode 26 – Naureen Meraj

Naureen Meraj, Global Director of Gamification at NTT DATA, shares her background on motivational psychology and the proper way to roll out a global gamification initiative.

Episode 25 – Bob Marsh

Bob Marsh, CEO of LevelEleven, discusses his work with motivating sales teams with gamification and competition.

Episode 24 – Tim Chang

Tim Chang, Managing Director at the Mayfield Fund, makes the investment case for gamification and what’s currently hot.

Episode 23 – Melvin Greer

Melvin Greer, Senior Fellow at Lockheed Martin, talks about his work in gamification with STEM ed, STEAM ed, and government.

Loyalty 3.0 Book Release Special

Rajat Paharia, CoFounder of Bunchball, comes on the show to discuss his new book Loyalty 3.0 and how loyalty needs to evolve for survival.

Episode 22 – Mark Koerner

Mark Koerner, VP of Product at Keas, explains how wellness and gamification are crucial to employe engagement.

Episode 21 – Thomas Hsu

Thomas Hsu, Social Collaboration and Gamification, Accenture, talks about the difficulties associated with evangelizing gamification in a large organization

Episode 20 – Bart Briers

Bart Briers, Director Services & Solutions Belgium at CTG, shares his experience with gamification consulting in Europe

Episode 19 – Ross Smith

Ross Smith, Director of Test at Microsoft and 42Projects, explains how he is using gamification to innovate in quality assurance

Episode 18 – Gabe Zichermann

Gabe discusses his new talk and how Memecube is going to reshape conference events in the future

Episode 17 – Lucas Gillispie

Lucas Gillispie, Educator and Edureams founder, discusses how he uses World of Warcraft and Minecraft as teaching tools

Episode 16 – Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers, GSummit Veteran, talks to Gabe about how GSummit SF 2013 went and how it has changed since 2011

The Gamification Revolution Book Special

Gabe Zichermann discusses the release of his newest book: The Gamification Revolution.

Episode 15 – Mario Herger

Mario Herger, Senior Innovation Strategist at SAP, talks about designing gamification for the modern enterprise.

Episode 14 – Michelle Katics

Michelle Katics, CEO of BankersLab, discusses how her startup is making finance and training more bearable.

Episode 13 – Tadhg Kelly

Tadhg Kelly, Creative Director at Jawfish Games, discusses the intersection of game design and gamification

Episode 12 – Jon Guerrera

Jon Guerrera, Lifehacker and Google Account Associate, explains how anyone can gamify their goals for success

Episode 11 – JP Rangaswami

JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at Salesforce, discusses the war for talent and the ever-changing modern enterprise

Episode 10 – Robert Torres

Robert Torres, Senior Program Officer, shares his work on games for education and learning

Episode 9 – Elise Olding

Elise Olding, Research Director and Gartner Analyst, analyzes the emerging acceptance of gamification within organizations

Episode 8 – Andrea Kuszewski

Andrea Kuzsewski, Senior Strategic Planner at the Linus Group, explains the neuroscience behind engagement and gamification

Episode 7 – Jesse Schell

Jesse Schell, Founder of Schell Games, discusses how engaging game design is an appropriate methodology for any design

Episode 6 – Asi Burak

Asi Burak, Co-President of Games for Change, discusses his approach for designing social games

Episode 5 – Kris Duggan 

Kris Duggan, CEO of Badgeville, gives a great comprehensive view on the current state of the gamification industry

Episode 4 – Rajat Paharia 

Learn about enterprise gamification and the evolution of loyalty with the Co-Founder of Bunchball, Rajat Paharia

Episode 3 – Keith Smith 

Gabe gets to know what it’s like to be Keith Smith, CEO of BigDoor

Episode 2 – Richard Bartle 

Gabe Talks to the Richard Bartle, the Legendary creator of the Player Types

Episode 1 – Richard Tate

Gabe Chats about Gamification for Health with Richard Tate, VP of Communications at HopeLab and Zamzee