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If You Run, You Don’t Get Eaten: A Study on Workout Gamification


Researchers at Brigham Young University did an extensive study on different fitness apps; downloading and trying out 132 apps to examine how they worked and what techniques they used to motivate their users.  What they discovered has sparked an interesting debate.  Are “health games” that utilize gamification helpful or hindering users’ fitness goals?   As an example, […]

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GSummit SF 2014 Videos Public Release

GSummit SF 2014 was a resounding success and it is thanks to our awesome community. As it is our mission here at Gamification Co to proliferate the latest and greatest knowledge about the gamification industry, we have begun releasing all of our videos from GSummit SF 2014.

We’ll be posting each of the new releases on our blog but if you want to get each of them immediately, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get each video as they come.

To kick off our video series, we have Brian Burke, Research Vice President at Gartner shares his thought why organizations need to re-evaluate how they engage and motivate their key communities and what lies ahead for the future of gamification.

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Gamifying Investigative Documentary with Juliana Ruhfus

Last time, we featured chief reporter on People and Power from Al Jazeera English, Juliana Ruhfus in discussing the current affairs program’s interactive documentary, Pirate Fishing. Blending investigative journalism practices with gamification mechanics, the interactive tool introduces users about the multi-million dollar illegal fishing trade affecting West Africa’s poorest people.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What was the scope of the investigation conducted by Juliana and how close does the interactive documentary mirror it?
  • How did Juliana pitched the concept to Al Jazeera executives?
  • How was the concept received by audience members and in the education field?
  • What was Juliana’s involvement in the design process and inclusion of mechanics.
  • The balancing act between storyteller’s control of narrative and user’s freedom of choice.
  • What were Juliana favorite examples within the documentary medium?
  • What future iterations does Juliana and her team have in store for future projects.

Watch the video below and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution.

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Bringing An Edge To The Next Generation Of Science Education

Students sit through hours and hours of boring and unengaging lectures. Professors ramble on to an audience of students sleepily typing away on their smart phones while checking Facebook, Twitter and pretty much anything else that has nothing to do with the lecture. How do we fix this? Enter Labster! Founded in 2010, Labster (@labster) […]

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How to Effectively Use Badges in Your Business

From the Boy Scouts to the Army, badges have long been used to celebrate moments, commemorate events, and challenge people to accomplish particular goals. As the Internet came to dominate the world and video gaming became a multi-billion-dollar industry, certain websites and games began to replicate real-world badges into their digital offerings. Casual and serious […]

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How the Internet of Things Keeps Hope Alive

  In his presentation at America’s Customer Festival 2014, Jerry Filipiak, CEO of Comarch Inc., described the Internet of Things (IoT) as “the marketing of hope,” meaning the technology’s success will come from guiding users through various journeys fueled by hope.   Journey + Hope + Reward = Rich User Experience Any given customer’s purchases […]

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Startup Turns Kegel Exercises into Games in Health

Anyone who experiences incontinence knows that it’s no fun. Leaky bladders can be an embarrasing problem. Kegel exercises can help strengthen the internal muscles that help with bladder control, but some women find them boring. Now a game developer have comeup with an answer – a video game that turns kegels into a game in health. […]

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A Unique New Immersive Environment Perfect For Game Based Learning

A new tactile, highly immersive and gamified approach to education has been created by a British company, 4D Creative. The concept combines wireless LED lighting, a Bose sound system and large-scale projection, all operated via an iPad. Images can be projected on the walls of self-inflating pods that students enter. The system can be set […]

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Scientists Turn Game in Education Into Immune System Lesson

The human body’s immune system works as a complex network whose different parts coordinate to fight off a wide range of threatening pathogens. But educators run into challenges bringing textbook teaching about the immune system to life. Ink and paper just don’t do justice to explain the complexity and the interactivity of the immune system […]

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Gamification in Education with Bron Stuckey

Last time, we featured Innovative Educational Ideas(IEI) director, Bron Stuckey in discussing about the current perceptions of gamification and the growing number of recent gamification initiatives by educators in the education space.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What are the two underlyings view of using of gamification in education?
  • Are there tensions between gamification and game based learning?
  • How gamification could serve as a tool to reimagine current practices and go beyond superficial changes.
  • Does the uncertain nature of gamification discourage educators from trying to explore and use it?
  • Recommendations for educators who just started out applying gamification
  • What does commercial success of tools such as Minecraft entail for gamification in education?

Watch the video below and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution.

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Why Ability Could be Gamification’s Next Big Concept

Since gamification has come to the fore as an individual technology, the words “motivation” and “engagement” have been used to describe its effect on users. Of course, motivation and engagement are two powerful influencers of behavior, but as Lithium’s Dr. Michael Wu pointed out in an interview at this year’s GSummit, gamification may be focusing […]

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