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A Unique New Immersive Environment Perfect For Game Based Learning


A new tactile, highly immersive and gamified approach to education has been created by a British company, 4D Creative. The concept combines wireless LED lighting, a Bose sound system and large-scale projection, all operated via an iPad. Images can be projected on the walls of self-inflating pods that students enter. The system can be set [...]

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Scientists Turn Game in Education Into Immune System Lesson

The human body’s immune system works as a complex network whose different parts coordinate to fight off a wide range of threatening pathogens. But educators run into challenges bringing textbook teaching about the immune system to life. Ink and paper just don’t do justice to explain the complexity and the interactivity of the immune system [...]

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Gamification in Education with Bron Stuckey

Last time, we featured Innovative Educational Ideas(IEI) director, Bron Stuckey in discussing about the current perceptions of gamification and the growing number of recent gamification initiatives by educators in the education space.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What are the two underlyings view of using of gamification in education?
  • Are there tensions between gamification and game based learning?
  • How gamification could serve as a tool to reimagine current practices and go beyond superficial changes.
  • Does the uncertain nature of gamification discourage educators from trying to explore and use it?
  • Recommendations for educators who just started out applying gamification
  • What does commercial success of tools such as Minecraft entail for gamification in education?

Watch the video below and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution.

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Why Ability Could be Gamification’s Next Big Concept

Since gamification has come to the fore as an individual technology, the words “motivation” and “engagement” have been used to describe its effect on users. Of course, motivation and engagement are two powerful influencers of behavior, but as Lithium’s Dr. Michael Wu pointed out in an interview at this year’s GSummit, gamification may be focusing [...]

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Meeting Common Core standards with Gamification Mobile Apps

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, common core state standards are now a reality for most teachers. The standards are designed to insure students have the foundation to think critically and meet the rigorous demands of college. There’s also an impetus to make sure schools are preparing kids to compete in a global marketplace. Teachers often [...]

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Belly helps Businesses with Customer Loyalty

How important is customer loyalty to your business?  According to an article on the impact of customer loyalty, “Companies that lead their markets in customer loyalty generate operating margins of 13%, while laggards had margins of just 2%.“ What creates customer loyalty? According to the Lacek Group in another article, the key is having a relevant [...]

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Developing a Generation Of Winners

“It turns out video games are just a Trojan horse for studying interest-driven learning” – Constance Steinkeuhler Jesse Schell lead the development of an educational game called Lexicawith the goal of developing life-long habits of reading in children. Lexicais set up as an action game, and in order to progress in the video game the [...]

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Conducting Gamification Research with Elisa Mekler

We last featured PhD student Elisa Mekler from the Center of Cognitive Psychology and Methodology at the University of Basel to discuss her 2013 research paper on whether gamification elements such as points, levels and leaderboards undermine user’s intrinsic motivation. The results garnered from the study was profoundly surprising as empirical evidence supporting the hypothesis was lacking prior to the research.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • How was the study constructed and designed to examine each mechanism?
  • What were the surprising results generated from the study? Were there outliers?
  • Has there been controversy or surprise generated in academic circle due to the results?
  • How was the process of getting gamification research approved and funded?
  • What are the next steps and opportunities in deepening further gamification research?
  • What ways could gamification industry practitioners help to boost future research?

Watch the video below and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution.

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L’Oreal uses Serious Games for Employee Recruitment

  “Reveal the Game” was developed by L’Oreal to help applicants challenge themselves in the development of a new product launch using a real-world scenario.  Applicants can compete with each other and share results via social media.  For recruiters, it is a great way to gauge actually performance and recruit the best.  According to a [...]

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How Using Games in Education Can Make Difficult Subjects Approachable

Sarah Lawrence College is not known for its sciences programs. A liberal arts school with a reputation of being a haven for artists and writers, even the brochures keep mentions of the natural sciences to a minimum. And yet it is here that I took one of the most interesting and engaging science classes in [...]

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The Internet of Things for the Masses: Increasing Engagement in a Digitized World

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as the digitizing of reality, the connectedness of the real world, the online extension of … everything. Simply put, IoT is the concept of smart devices interacting with one another through an online connection. IoT technology is not necessarily new in theory or practice: uniquely-identified devices have [...]

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