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Mini Hug Tackles Quality Parenting With Gamification

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Creative Mobile App Imagined by Daughter And Built By Dad Have you been trying to improve your parenting and spend more time with your kids? A new gamification startup, Mini Hug, may be able to help you become a better parent. Available for free from the App Store, Mini Hug (@MiniHugApp) is an app for parents and their children [...]

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SimCityEdu Pollution Challenge Teaches Sustainable Growth

Education Through Playing – Without The Exam Education Week recently reported that a version of the popular SimCity computer game geared to students, dubbed SimCityEdu (@SimCityEDU), has been released. Unlike many computer games in education, SimCityEdu has an embedded evaluation system that allows teachers to track students’ understanding of what the game is trying to teach. [...]

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The SMART Playbook Will Teach Your Kids The Basic Social Etiquette

Learning Manners Has Never Been More Playful While gamification has already made for some profitable business marketing ventures, the concept is also being applied to a variety of other mediums and outlets. As it turns out, books also provide some wonderful opportunities for games in education. The SMART Playbook: Game-Changing Life Skills for a Modern World [...]

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A Mobile App That Will Help You Discover Yourself

A Gamified Personality Test 500 B.C., a new entertainment media company, recently paired up with Digital Management (DMI), a provider of mobile enterprises and services, to create a new mobile application. The new mobile application is entitled Game of You.  This new gamification startup aims to take users on a stimulating quest to promote wellness and discover a deeper view [...]

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One Teacher’s Quest To Gamifying Math

Before ‘Gamification’, There Was MathLand It’s been an incredible journey for gamification – from a fringe concept to Gartner hype potential to being the source of considerable innovation in customer loyalty and employee engagement programs worldwide. We are extremely proud of being a part of this development and are always happy to share stories about [...]

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ExactTarget Uses Game-Based Learning To Train Sales Force

How does an enterprise keep a far-flung sales force continually up-to-date regarding new products? Scott Thomas, the director of product enablement for ExactTarget, faced this very challenge. ExactTarget (@ExactTarget) is a leading cloud-based marketing platform that is used by major brands like Nike and Coca-Cola. It is comprehensive in its approach that it focuses on [...]

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Gamify Your Feet With Boogio

This Smart Shoe Will Enhance Your Gaming Or Tell You More About Your Health With many questioning personal fitness tracker viability, Boogio by  REFLX Labs is a literal leap in wearable tech. It is, essentially, a sensor that uses your feet as a controller. As reported by Polygon, Boogio uses in-sole pressure sensors and an accelerometer clip to [...]

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Redefining Loyalty: Turning Members Into Fans

JetBlue’s TrueBlue Fandom As loyalty programs continue to rise in popularity, more and more companies are adopting them in an attempt to build loyalty and better engage their customers. According to a 2014 Gartner report, loyalty membership in the United States alone is approaching the three-billion mark. However, an ongoing trend suggests that, despite these [...]

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4 Ways Apple’s Centralized Health App Can Work For You And Your Doctor

All Of Your Medical Records In One App There’s never been a better time to monitor and track your health. Anyone interested in tracking information about themselves can use sophisticated activity-monitoring gadgets like Fitbit and Pebble, countless diet and weight tracking apps, and even high-end medical devices that track glucose levels, blood pressure, or blood-oxygen [...]

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Collaborative Gaming and Team Play To Benefit Your Gamified Teaching

The concept of game-based learning is not new, yet always in need of new research to take gamified education even further. The following examples should spark your creativity on how to design your classes from this point forward. Minecraft for Educational Purposes The wildly popular Minecraft attracts the attention of students at home and school.  [...]

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So How Do Video Games Affect Teenagers?

Over the course of the last 15 years there has been a great amount of debate about how video games are shaping the minds and behavior of young people. Video game addiction has become a prevalent concern, and some researchers suggest impressionable adolescents may be driven to brutality by the violent fantasy world of video [...]

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