GSummit SF 2013 Slides

GSummit SF 2013 Slides

Here are all the slides from GSummit 2013 in no particular order:

Jonathan Guerrera – Gamifying the Job Search Process and Self-Improvement: One Year Later

Priya Haji – Short Term Engagement, Long Term Gain: Financial gamification with SaveUp

Morgan Lynch – Social Selling: Threading the Needle

Phaedra Boinodiris – Using Games to Do Stuff: The IBM Way

Jeff Hawley – Driving Hard Goods Loyalty Across Brands: Yamaha Gamifies

Erika Noll Webb – Moving Gamification from Concept to Design to Development in Enterprise Applications

Kevin Werbach – Teaching Gamification: Astonishing Successes and Lessons from MOOCs

Ryan Mizusaki – Ready, Set, Jet! The Employee Social Travel Game

Amy Baskin – Grammar Olympics: Low-Tech Engagement Secrets

Adam Bosworth – Gamification of the Social Enterprise: Key Dynamics

Thomas Hsu – Gamifying Enterprise Social Collaboration

Matthew Williams – Bunchball GSummit 2013 Tech Talk

Sam Creek – Executive Insider: How to Drive Engagement in Digital Communities

Kenny Lauer & Danette Veale – Disruptive Innovation: Cisco’s Global Sales Experience (GSX)

Scott Lewallen – Designing Engagement in Dating: The Grindr Story

Lucas Gillispie – WoWinSchool: How to use WoW and MMORPGs to Engage Students

Kes Sampanthar – Verizon’s Ignite App: Engaging Your Salesforce through Motivational Design

Tacy Trowbridge – LevelUp: Gamifying Learning at Adobe

Dario Ambrosini – Supply Chain & Inventory Gamification: The Travel Case Study

Stella Grizont – Imagination Constipation: Using Play and Positive Psychology to Unblock

Rajat Paharia – Loyalty 3.0: Big Data and Gamification Revolutionizing Engagement

Ross Smith – Work/Play: How Microsoft Leads with Gamification

John Reynolds – Creating Loyalty in Restaurant Consumers: The Gamification Case Study

Jesse Redniss – Creating Long-Term Community Loyalty

Mark Goldstein – Reinventing Loyalty with Gamification

Charles Coonradt – The Game of Work: Changing the Enterprise with Lessons from Sport

Steve Sims – Badgeville GSummit 2013 Tech Talk

Mario Herger – Going Global with the Gamified Enterprise

Kris Duggan – Fighting the Engagement Crisis: The Future of Gamification

James Gatto – Gamblification: Legal Concerns

Andrew Grauer – Knowledge Marketplaces and Gamification of Education

Stephen Burke & Dawn Wolfe – Converting Free Users to Paid: Gamification at Autodesk

Maggie Buggie – The role of Enterprise Gamification in Building the Digital Advantage

Javier Borderias – Banking on Innovation: The BBVA Game

Suchit Dash – Tangible Rewards and Engagement: The Real Story

Bart Briers – The Freakonomics of Fun: Convincing Clients to Gamify

Andrea Kuszewski – The Science of Motivation: Neurology, Psychology, Gamification

Elise Olding – The Quest for Employee Engagement – “Engagification” of the Enterprise

Jason Marchant – The Power and Pitfalls of Status in Social Networks: Scruff’s Blue Dot

Bob Marsh – Using CRM to drive salesforce engagement

Nicole Lazzaro – The Psychology of Fun: Transform Awareness to Impact with the Emotions from Play

Pamela Fox & Julia Stiglitz – Achievement and Progress: The Massive Education Example

Andrew Pascal – Travel, Entertainment and Casinos: MyVegas Gamifies Sin CIty

Patrick Murck – Bitcoins: The Universal Currency for Engagement

Melvin Greer – Mission-Focused Gamification for Government

Gamifying the World: From SimCity and The Sims to the Future