Habitica Battles Procrastination With Gamified Lists and Virtual Rewards

Habitica Battles Procrastination With Gamified Lists and Virtual Rewards


Do you find yourself struggling to complete daily tasks, or organize your daily schedule? Habitica is a gamification mobile app that encourages players to control and structure their lives in a virtual setting. Habitica treats your life like a role-playing game, with the ability to earn new equipment, pets, mounts, and more, simply by completing listed tasks. You assign your own tasks under three categories: habits, dailies, and to-dos. When you have finished a task in real life, you can check it off on your Habitica page for instant gold or item rewards!

Changing Your Habits

The Habit section helps you track your habits, both good and bad. Players can create good habits, bad habits, or habits that qualify as both. For example, a habit titled “Take the stairs” can have both a positive and negative option – a plus sign for taking the stairs, and a minus sign for taking the elevator instead. Pressing the plus sign results in quest rewards, while clicking the minus sign subtracts health and mana from the player.

Tackling Daily Tasks

Dailies are great for scheduling tasks that need to occur on a daily or weekly basis, such as feeding the cats, taking medicine, or going to class. Players can choose to set the task to reset every day of the week, or only on certain days. Habitica deducts health points from the player if a daily goes uncompleted, while completing the task on a regular basis rewards more gold and experience. Dailies are a great motivator for anything from scheduled assignments to setting aside time each day to work on projects.

Scheduling a To-Do List

Creating tasks in the To-Dos section grants rewards for one-time tasks, such as going grocery shopping or scheduling an appointment. These tasks help you feel good about getting things done, especially when procrastination puts these tasks on the back-burner. Players can set reminders to schedule doctor’s appointments, file taxes, clean, complete a work assignment, and more. Older to-do tasks turn red and offer more gold and experience when completed, encouraging you to get things done!

If you want to institute more good habits into your daily life or improve your scheduling skills, Habitica is a great way to fight procrastination and move forward!

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