Play your way to a better life with Mindbloom

Play your way to a better life with Mindbloom


It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut in your life. You may want to change things, but don’t know how to get started. MindBloom’s Life Game offers stress-free, simple ways to improve your life, one step at a time. Start by picking the three aspects of your life you’d like to focus on from a comprehensive list: Health, Career, Creativity, Spirituality, Leisure, Lifestyle, Finances, or Relationships. Each one of these categories is represented by a branch on your tree.

Add actions to your branch and fulfill them in real life to keep its leaves green and healthy. These actions can be big like “Find a new job” or smaller daily actions like “start flossing”.

Every time you complete an action you earn seed points. These can be used to add additional branches to your tree, items on your action list or unlock special content like music selections and additional options. Invite friends to join you and grow a forest nearby. Unlock special achievement “blooms” for completing tasks and trying out different features like the journal option. You can also buy seeds or earn them by completing sponsored offers.

MindBloom is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can share your goals with followers and have them cheer you on. Or if you prefer not to brag, keep things private and enjoy your victories yourself. If you’re going to make all of your tasks private, I would like to see them add an option send yourself email or text reminders to check on your tree. If you haven’t gotten used to your new routine yet it’s easy to forget and later get frustrated at your lack of progress.

There have been a lot of gamified apps and websites focused around self-improvement and to-do lists. For those who would rather not have an action-packed RPG experience like EpicWin, MindBloom offers a soothing experience where the you can go through at your own pace. As you do better, your tree flourishes. It’s easy to get started and see if you’re doing well. You can even upload inspirational photos, songs and video to keep you going. The more you play, the more you’re able to personalize your space and create the perfect scenario for success. Mindbloom empowers you to “grow the life you want”, but just like a tree, it takes time and patience.


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