Expedia Launches Australia’s Biggest Gamification Project

Expedia Launches Australia’s Biggest Gamification Project


Online travel site Expedia.au has partnered with 5 agencies to produce Australia’s largest gamification project called Tag Me if You Can. The project is an international scavenger hunt that invites players to follow Australian reality-TV star Nathan Joliffe‘s secret location through a series of videos and clues. If players are able to tag Joliffe’s location on a map within 10 meters, they will be eligible to win part of a $150,000 prize. Joliffe has already in locations like Fiji,  Palm Springs, and New Zealand.  The contest will depict a new location each weekday at 11 AM (AEST) until August 20th.

The scavenger hunt game is a really clever way to advertise some of Expedia’s destination spots for Australian travelers, with each video essentially showing Joiffe at a number of hotspots in each selected location. Expedia also places a little section showing their flight and hotel rates for each location conveniently below each video. Want to play? If you’re from Australia or New Zealand, try to figure out what “cold-climate wine producing” location Joliffe is currently in:

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