Enters the Spotlight in Southeast Asia Enters the Spotlight in Southeast Asia

SHARE has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with human capital development centre, Might-Meteor Advanced Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, to bring the concept of gamification to Information Technology (IT) students in participating Malaysian universities and colleges. Since its unofficial launch at this year’s GSummit, has established relationships with Stanford University to enhance the platform’s capabilities through research and development. They are also currently in talks with Microsoft for future contracts.

Collaborating with approximately 20 universities and colleges across Malaysia, aims to develop highly skilled mobile developers through its gamified project collaboration software. The team aims to recruit and train 1000 developers within a year.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience remote collaboration within the gamified platform. commander-in-chief Zafrul Azhar Noordin elaborates, “Our micro training modules are specially designed to cater for such learning environments, and we believe by exposing Malaysia’s university and college students to this experience, we will give them a heads-up for their future”. In addition, student-powered hackathon events are planned in the future to provide the opportunity for them to work with industry professionals through the software.

While the platform remains in closed beta, it is exciting to see how will provide the tools for IT students to enhance their mobile development skills while introducing them to gamification concepts.

via DigitalNewsAsia


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