Trade Celebrity Stock with Pop Salad and Win Prizes

Trade Celebrity Stock with Pop Salad and Win Prizes


Want some Cheddar with that Pop Salad?

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity game hub Pop Salad officially announced today the launch of Weekly Cash Contests based on their popular celebrity trading game. Pop Salad will run weekly contests beginning this Sunday night, January 19, 2013. Contests are set to begin each week at 11:59:59PM PST and will run for 168 hours, throughout the following week.

Players accumulating the most Cheddar, Pop Salad’s in game currency, during the period will be rewarded with a cash prize. Players primarily accumulate Cheddar through buying low and selling hi. There are several other means for accumulating Cheddar that players can discover and unlock. FAQs and rules can be found at

Pop Salad is also launching the Pop Meter API for bloggers and publishers. The Pop Meter API will show the top three celebrities across several different areas. For example, the API will let readers know which three celebrities are on top in the world of reality TV, or which three athletes are tops this week. The Pop Meter API returns a 0-100 indexed score, images, and informative graphics to help readers stay on top of the ever-changing entertainment world.

We are also proud to state that the Pop Salad creators are alumni members of our GSummit Workshops!

If you love celebrity gossip and news, use your savvy and earn some prizes while you’re at it!


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