Bunchball Expands Nitro for Salesforce to Service Professionals

Bunchball Expands Nitro for Salesforce to Service Professionals


Earlier today, Bunchball announced an update to their Nitro for Salesforce that will bring gamification to service organizations. This new update will provide out of the box gamification functionality to both sales and service organizations using Salesforce.

Some of the new features include:

  • Gamified Service Cloud console: agents can view their current point tallies, learn how many more points they need to reach the next level, and view the rewards they’re working to earn. All game mechanics and status displays minimize automatically so time-pressed agents can stay focused on the tasks at hand.
  • Competitive team-based experiences: Via custom leaderboards, managers can provide meaningful rankings including how each agent stacks up against colleagues by way of points, completed challenges and levels. Or they can incorporate metrics specific to Service Cloud, such as incidents closed, comments made to case records, or first-call resolution. With Nitro for Salesforce, managers can also publicly display leaderboards on dedicated monitors or TVs so team members can see where they stand compared to their colleagues.

Its always a pleasure to see a company keep up with their product and to roll-out additional functionality to their existing products. A value-add for all!

You can check out the latest version of Nitro for Salesforce available at Salesforce.com’s AppExchange Social Enterprise Showcase.


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