GamEffective Raises $7 Million for Employee Training

GamEffective Raises $7 Million for Employee Training


While gamification is no longer a revolutionary way of training employees, the start-up GamEffective is claiming that their take on the trend is a fresh one. The company, which operates out of offices in both North Carolina and Israel, boasts some large-scale customers like Microsoft and Ebay. They’re confident in their ability to boost employee performance across the board with their no-code integration.

According to GeekTime, the largest international tech blog outside the U.S., GamEffective has raised a total of $10 million under the leadership of CEO Gal Rimon.

Rimon says, ‘At GamEffective, we focus the employees on their personal goals, and motivate them to achieve them by expanding their know-how, and through other activities. The employees know at all times what their status is and what is expected of them. Just as people using fitness trackers are more conscious of their health, our system instills a similar process at the workplace for performance management purposes.'”

The company has done so well that they’re on the cusp of something huge. How huge? Try a $7 million financing round. That money will be used to develop sales, marketing, and R&B efforts. Some within the industry have suggested that the company’s training model is second to none. According to GamEffective that is accomplished not by making competition with other employees the main vehicle for enhanced performance, but rather by having employees work to better themselves, and improve upon personal past performance.

In the past things like real-time feedback, engaging narratives, and clear objectives have set the company apart. Now, they also have a hefty sum of money to further their advances in the world of employee training.

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