Transforming the Call Center Workplace with Pascal Leclerc

Transforming the Call Center Workplace with Pascal Leclerc


Revolutionizing the Call Center Workplace One Agent at A Time

Last week, we featured nGUVU’s VP of product strategy, Pascal Leclerc to talk about how nGUVU’s platform help to create a better workplace environment for contact center agents. Using a combination of game mechanics, social interaction features and behavioral analytics, nGUVU helps motivate agents to achieve their goals in a fun,game-like environment.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What was the central problem nGUVU aimed to resolve in the contact center working environment?
  • How did nGUVU present KPIs to contact center agents in contrast to traditional layouts that centers solely around competition?
  • How did call center companies reacted about having a layer of social mechanics for the agents on the nGUVU’s platform?
  • what were nGUVU’s key lessons in finding the balance between game-like elements and gamified, progress-orientated mechanics?
  • What were some of the behavioral changes that occurred among contact center agents as a result of gamifying their workplace?
  • Have nGUVU used rewards for knowledge sharing or knowledge base contribution among contact center agents?

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