UnitedHealthcare Teams up with KONAMI to Produce DDR Classroom Edition

UnitedHealthcare Teams up with KONAMI to Produce DDR Classroom Edition

ddr classroom edition

Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition Unveiled at CES 2013

Going through a strange time in my adolescence, I was very fond of playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) as a means of being able to play videogames while being active. I can attribute much of my adult lower body strength simply to my stomping and jumping to fast-paced Japanese music and it pleases me to no end that UnitedHealthcare and KONAMI are working together to bring these benefits to entire classrooms.

DDR is a rhythm game that challenges players to step on a platform to the beat of music at varying speeds and difficulties. DDR Classroom Edition will bring this functionality to physical education classes and extend the  1-2 player game to 48 players simultaneously. Each player will be able to have an individual wireless dance-mat that features a smart-card reader and can privately track each player’s progress and vital stats while playing.

KONAMI and UnitedHealthcare have already launched the game at three schools located in Longwood, FL.; Gainesville, GA.; and Fresno, TX. They will be working with each school to monitor  students’ health, well-being and exercise habits.

DDR is actually one of the only legitimate exergames I’ve ever played because it provides a fun but challenge difficulty curve that is easy to learn and tough to master. It effectively provides an intense Cardio workout that gets significantly harder as players improve their abilities in the game. This guy in a fox costume exemplifies the difficulty of the game in its later stages pretty well.

Check out the video by Polygon below to see GSummit Speaker, Robert Plourde of UnitedHealthcare, talk about the product in action.

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