Crowdsourcing GIF Emotional Research with MIT Media Lab

Crowdsourcing GIF Emotional Research with MIT Media Lab


Mapping Out The Emotional Language of GIFs with Gamified Crowdsourcing

Last week, we featured MIT graduate students Travis Rich and Kevin Hu to talk about their gamified crowdsourcing project, GIFGIF. The MIT Media Lab project aims to map out the emotional language of animated gifs using game mechanics to draw user engagement and quantifiable methodologies to gather research data.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:
  • The design purposes for using specific mechanics to drive outcomes.
  • Where they drew inspiration from when building in the mechanics.
  • How the team plans to use gathered data to be used for scientific research.
  • The ethical questions for utilizing a crowd sourcing capability.
  • What possibilities lie ahead to facilitate complex dialogue beyond cataloging gifs.

Be sure to also catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution this coming Tuesday April 15th at 1 PM ET:

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