Introducing the GBase

Introducing the GBase


Part of our mission at Gamification Co is to catalogue the breadth and depth of gamification across industries. As gamification has grown, one of the top requests from our readers is “Do you have an example of gamification for *insert idea here* ?” While we do have a steady stream of gamification news,  we recognize there might be more intuitive way to present the full catalogue of known examples. This is why I am pleased to announce the introduction of the GBase!

The GBase is a database containing information about all the instances of gamification being used today. We will be adding entries daily and curating it as a comprehensive directory of all gamified apps, services, products and the people/companies who make them. The best part is that you can participate in the process: feel free to comment on any database entry, make suggestions/edits or submit a new entry altogether by filling out the form below. Even if the information you’re submitting is about you or your company, please send it over and we will review it for submission.

GBase is currently in early stages of development and will have more content added daily as time goes on. Our goal is to create a helpful resource that anyone can refer to and with your help we can create the ultimate gamification database.


Enter the GBase here.


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  1. Very cool! The community needs something like this so that people don’t always have to default to Frequent Flyer Miles, Foursquare, and Nike+ as examples of gamification. Once NDAs get lifted on my projects, I’d love to showcase some of my work 🙂