The Current Market of Gamification Sales Platform

The Current Market of Gamification Sales Platform


The Gamification Sales Platform Industry is Nascent and Growing According to EGC Analysts

Enterprise Gamification Consultancy has released its latest report on the state of sales platforms that offer gamification solutions. The report offers detailed, data driven insights for any organization looking to gamify its sales solutions or to enhance its existing sales solutions with gamification. In addition, it provides a picture of the current landscape, with company profiles, market breakdowns, and industry predictions.

After researching twenty-four different companies that use gamification solutions, Enterprise Gamification Consultancy has concluded the following:

  • The sales gamification space is nascent, growing, and in demand
  • Most vendors are less than four years old
  • The number of vendors that offer pure sales gamification platforms is expected to double by 2017
  • The number of customers looking to gamify their sales is expected to triple by 2017

According to the report, a major reason for this strong demand is that millennials are entering the sales force. Millennials have shown distinctly different behaviors, expectations, and motivations compared to past generations, and Enterprise Gamification Consultancy expects their preferences to drive companies to adapt their sales processes and tools. Gamification is a solid, strategic offering to improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance processes, and the data created through gamification activities will enable companies to monitor and improve their processes to better fit the next generation of sales representatives.

For more detail on these findings and conclusions, you can purchase the full report that includes a 10% discount right here.

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