The Voting Game

The Voting Game


Every election, tons of political groups come out to try to encourage young voters, which are a prime demographic. MTV tells us to “Rock the Vote” and one year I recall P. Diddy threatening my life, telling me to “Vote or Die”. I’ve been receiving tons of e-mails over the last week from different political organizations to remind me of my civic duty. I know politics is serious business, but can’t we also enjoy it instead of it just being a chore?

In 2010, voting has become a game. Foursquare and Facebook are offering badges today in honor of midterm elections. When you login to Facebook today you’ll see a notice telling you how to find your local polling place.  Be sure to click “I voted” when you’ll all done with your ballot to post the announcement to all your friends on your newsfeed. Check-in to your polling location Foursquare  to receive the “I Vote 2010” badge.

Will this be a lead-in to more gamified voting? Perhaps we can look forward to more rewards and things like county-based leaderboards that function as much for statistical purposes as they do for fueling our All-American competitive spirit. In any case you should get out today, vote and have fun!


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