Fun in the Sun: Gamified Mobile Rewards at Six Flags Parks and...

Fun in the Sun: Gamified Mobile Rewards at Six Flags Parks and


If you’re visiting Six Flags parks across the U.S. this summer, download the mobile Q&A app and you could save yourself some time waiting to go on rides, courtesy of a special in-app game. The mobile trivia game, called Skip the Line, was launched to offer users real-time, location-based perks. Users can download the free iPhone Q&A app, which updates to detect when a user is within a two-mile radius of any one of ten Six Flags parks in major markets.

Based on the user’s location, the app launches the special game and lets users earn points and win line jumps (skipping to the head of the waiting line) if they answer trivia questions correctly. The Ask for iPhone app and The Skip the Line game are promoted throughout the parks and across the Six Flags TV Network, an in-park network designed to entertain and inform park guests with content broadcast on screens during the “dwell time” that they are in line for attractions.

Six Flags Entertainment has a history of engaging users with location-based gamification. Users who earned special Foursquare badges or the final Mayor status of the season at parks in 2010 may be visiting Six Flags with a free 2011 Season Pass, or getting immediate ride access to roller coasters with an Exit Pass. Six Flags has turned location check-ins into long-term loyalty and repeat visits from highly-engaged users. Additional tactics such as mobile-based scavenger hunts and Twitter events are also being employed. And outside of the parks, Facebook users can play Clink-It Coin Craze to earn themed virtual coins and earn real-world perks at their local park.

So, bring along your phone and expect some extra fun and perks when you visit amusement parks this summer, courtesy of and Six Flags.


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