Funnovation: Ideas to Stop Texting & Driving

Funnovation: Ideas to Stop Texting & Driving


Recently the NTSB released a report that strongly recommended a complete ban on driving and using mobile devices. Obviously, this would be an extremely difficult behavior to change. Gamification has been uniquely successful at changing such entrenched behaviors, so it occurred to us that it would be interesting to apply some  gamified innovation techniques to topical problems like this one.

In the slides below, we’ve exposed some of the creative processes we use at Dopamine to leverage Gamification for our corporate and government clients. It always starts with the player motivation (blocking or enhancing) and then goes through a creative ideation using games.  Not all the solutions are gamified, per se – but themes of using positive reinforcement can be found throughout.  We call this process Funnovation – and hope you’ll find the concepts thought provoking and inspirational. After viewing the concepts, vote for your favorite solution at Dopamine’s website. Please note that there is some graphic imagery in the deck.



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