Increasing Fan Loyalty with the LA Dodgers Rewards Program

Increasing Fan Loyalty with the LA Dodgers Rewards Program


The New LA Dodgers Rewards Program for Fan Loyalty

Possibly taking some inspiration from the NFL, the LA Dodgers have created a new social rewards program to give out prizes and promote more fan loyalty online and at the field at Dodger Stadium

The premise is the same as most other social rewards: participate in the team’s social media accounts, compete in leaderboards, earn points, and redeem them for prizes. Points can also be earned by purchasing MLB merchandise, recruiting friends to use the program, and checking into games with the MLB mobile app.

In a statement about the new program, the Dodgers’ chief marketing officer, Lon Rosen, stated:

“We are creating an interactive rewards portal for all things Dodgers. Being a sports fan is about passion and competition, and we believe through this platform we are entering the next phase of fan loyalty with the ultimate goal of rewarding our fans for their support.”

While Rosen believes they are entering the next phase of fan loyalty, I see a missed opportunity for the Dodgers marketing team to have entered a future phase of fan loyalty. The Dodgers Reward Program lists every way you can earn points in their program and all of them require participation with only their pre-approved social media accounts and in order to earn points.

It would be fascinating to have seen the Dodgers approach this concept across multiple different accounts, including unofficial ones, by using a universal platform (like Punchtab, for example). Approaching fan loyalty with this style of of laissez-faire might be difficult to actually implement but the implications for leveraging true fan passion in this way could be quite profound.

What do you think? Will this promote even more loyal users or is this simply another way of rewarding fans for what they would already do normally?

You can check out the LA Dodgers Rewards Program at their official website to give it a try.

via The LA Times


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