Gamification Database Resources: Learn About Gamification!

Gamification Database Resources: Learn About Gamification!


GCo’s Gamification Database Resources

We’ve noticed that there are very few resources for individuals wanting to learn more about companies in the gamification space. The kinds of question we continue to observe on a regular basis look like:

  • What are some examples of gamification?
  • What companies are using gamification?
  • How can I gamify my service/product?
  • Which gamification service provider should I use?

There are valid questions for someone looking to explore the space but its not always apparent where one can start, which is why we built two resources for anyone curious about gamification to explore: The Gamification Buyer’s Guide and The GBase.


The Gamification Buyer’s Guide

The Buyer’s Guide is for people and companies who are in need of gamification services but are not sure what companies can provide these services and which is the best fit. This database holds over 35 (and growing) gamification providers who can assist with gamifying any project.

Browsing the vendors is also made convenient with the ability to filter out companies by industry, type of service offering, pricing models, and special features. Be sure to browse through the vendor’s page and see who’s right for you!

If your company is a gamification, engagement and/or loyalty service provider, you can apply to be in the Buyer’s Guide for free by filling out this form.


The GBase

The GBase is short for “Gamification Database” and it is a database of our favorite gamification projects and many user-submitted gamified projects. You can also filter out the database by industry and find the most relevant projects to you for inspiration.

New entries for the GBase can also be submitted by filling out this form.

The Buyer’s Guide and GBase are the top two gamification database resources available online. For anyone wanting to learn more about the gamification space and industry, these two resources will be extremely helpful to learn more about what’s currently out there and how you can use gamification as a strategy to stay competitive & to grow your business.


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