Gamifying Investigative Documentary with Juliana Ruhfus

Gamifying Investigative Documentary with Juliana Ruhfus


Conceiving An Interactive Experience for Investigative Journalism

Last time, we featured chief reporter on People and Power from Al Jazeera English, Juliana Ruhfus in discussing the current affairs program’s interactive documentary, Pirate Fishing. Blending investigative journalism practices with gamification mechanics, the interactive tool introduces users about the multi-million dollar illegal fishing trade affecting West Africa’s poorest people.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What was the scope of the investigation conducted by Juliana and how close does the interactive documentary mirror it?
  • How did Juliana pitched the concept to Al Jazeera executives?
  • How was the concept received by audience members and in the education field?
  • What was Juliana’s involvement in the design process and inclusion of mechanics.
  • The balancing act between storyteller’s control of narrative and user’s freedom of choice.
  • What were Juliana favorite examples within the documentary medium?
  • What future iterations does Juliana and her team have in store for future projects.

Watch the video below and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution.

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