Gamifying The College Application Process With Vibeffect

Gamifying The College Application Process With Vibeffect


Using Gamification to Help With College Application

An upcoming gamification startup hopes to make the college application and decision making process less daunting for families and students. In spring 2015, CEO Elena Cox will release Vibeffect. An article written for describes Vibeffect as a startup that offers “predictive analytics and fun gamification that teens love to create a guidance framework.”

This framework will determine what sort of college environment will allow individual teens to thrive. The goal is to put all the information in the hands of families and do it in a fun, low-stress way.

Target age is one quality that sets Vibeffect apart; it hopes to be a tool for children beginning at age 12. The thought behind the young start age is instilling confidence in kids before they hit their teens. The company wants to make sure kids feel “college worthy,” by focusing on their academic and personal strengths rather than their deficiencies.

Months away from launch, Vibeffect has already raised $1.2 million. Families have plenty of resources to help with the college process, but none of those resources are low cost and low stress. Vibeffect aims to reduce stress, not add to it.

Students will take assessments before they begin the college application process, after getting in, and during freshman year. Along the way, Vibeffect will offer tools, in the form of fact sheets and games among other things, to assist in finding the right match.

The popularity of gamification is on the rise; why not integrate it into a system that can assist families find the right colleges?


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