J.K. Rowling Reveals Secrets with Pottermore

J.K. Rowling Reveals Secrets with Pottermore


Muggles take notice – JK Rowling has found another way to extend the Harry Potter franchise with an new interactive, gamified site: Pottermore. The mysterious new website promises to be “an online experience where you can explore the stories like never before”. The landing page is so far very sparse, with only an introductory video from the author herself. The language she uses is rather  vague and cryptic, stating that the site will be crafted  in part by a select group of early registered readers to create a truly unique experience. All users will get sorted into a house and receive one of 33,000 wands to use on the site, all designed by Rowling.

The site promises never-before-read info on everyone’s favorite young wizard  – secrets that have been kept for years finally revealed! – and audio books and ebooks will  be available for the first time. Rowling has also suggested that the much anticipated Harry Potter encyclopedia may finally be in the works. The Harry Potter community has largely grown up around fan-created forums, but Pottermore is part of a larger movement for brands (both personal and corporate) to take an active role in curating and supporting their fans and community directly.

Enter your email address on the site to be notified when registration opens at the end of July. The site will officially launch in October. Get more information by following @Pottermore on Twitter and check back here at Gamification.co for future updates!


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