What is Gamification for You?

What is Gamification for You?


by Kevin Shane and Jeff Lopez

gamificationIn the past, one of the largest impediments to using games for accomplishing real world goals has been the response that the word “games” triggers in business and policy circles. But in the past few years, we have noticed a shift. Games–and now gamification–have both become accepted as a serious answer to large and longstanding problems in business, health, education, and the environment.

We have gathered a few quotes on how top companies perceive gamification and how it continues to impact institutions and businesses across industries.

“At Aetna we think gamification has the potential to help people improve their health by making it fun, rewarding and engaging.”
Dan Brostek, Head of Member and Consumer Engagement, Aetna

“Gaming is in our motherboards, we use it to play, solve, thrive, evolve. Embrace gamification, but go deep, not cheap.”
Kip Voytek, Director of Digital Innovation, MDC Partners

“Gamification allows consumers to have fun, get useful information & encourages them to share it with their friends.”
-Joe Rork, User Experience Engineer, Ford

“Gamification is ultimately not about buzzwords and mechanics, but better and more meaningful experiences.”
Esteban Contreras, Social Media Manager, Samsung USA

We will continue sharing these 140 character bits, and please share your own thoughts on gamification with us in the comments below or on Twitter. The above examples, but as long as you aren’t trolling, we hope for a few critical perspectives as well. So, what is gamification for you?

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