Stand Taller, Feel Better – with LUMOback

Stand Taller, Feel Better – with LUMOback


Chronic back pain is a issue that affects the vast majority of Americans, whether your job is physically intensive or working at a desk. In fact, if you’re reading this on your computer right now, you might want to check your posture and how it’s contributing to your discomfort. Slouching not only causes back pain but also shoulder and jaw pain as well as headaches. Joint pain begets joint pain and since the spine is literally supporting everything, it’s best to take care of it.  There’s a new app to help you keep things straight – LUMOback by developers, zero2one.

This rather simple app functions by placing a sensor on the lower back and then going about your regular day. LUMOback will vibrate when the user’s posture is incorrect so it can be fixed in real time and displays a cute on-screen guide to help your correct your stance (or your “sit”, as the case may be).

If such a little chance can help improve your overall health and comfort, why not give it a a try? Sign up for beta testing at to straighten up and fly right!


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