Singapore’s Leading Business Conference to host Workshop on Gamification

Singapore’s Leading Business Conference to host Workshop on Gamification


The past year has demonstrated a growing demand for education around gamification, and we are excited to continue to meet this demand with the first ever Gamification Workshop in Asia. As the nascent field is still taking shape, there are few sources of valuable insight and in-depth analysis on how the practice of gamification is already influencing advertising, health, education, and government. We have been working hard to make these learnings available, and our series of business oriented workshops have sold out around the country and around the world. From our domestic classes in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Washington DC to our international workshops in London, Copenhagen, Sydney, and Toronto, attendees have gained key experience in how to use gamification to engage users and solve problems. The last workshop at our Gamification Summit in New York featured the first ever certification in gamification and sold out in two weeks.

Interest in Asia has been keeping pace. In addition to a content partnership with in Japan, we are excited to announce our first ever workshop in Singapore. On October 17, Gabe Zichermann will lead attendees of Global Entrepolis through the impact and application of gamification techniques. Global Entrepolis aims to bring together business leaders in the Asia Pacific and is one of the foremost business events in the region, focusing on global trends, innovation and growth strategies.

With an all-new curriculum developed by Gabe Zichermann the hands-on, interactive workshop leads attendees through the strategy and problem-solving cycles of building a Gamification architecture. Creating engagement with game design can be complex-but the rewards are unparalleled. The workshop gives the opportunity to take the guesswork out of your gamification strategy and learn from a leading expert, brainstorm and outlines solutions for your specific business requirements under the facilitator’s guidance.

If you can’t make it to Singapore, we will continue to hold workshops around the world, so stay tuned for an opportunity to get Certified in Gamification with our hands-on curriculum.