Can Fleetly Stand Out Amongst Other Fitness Apps?

Can Fleetly Stand Out Amongst Other Fitness Apps?


There has been an influx of gamified fitness-based apps in the last year, all focused on helping users to lose weight, be healthier, live happier. Fleetly is a Canadian site that claims to make fitness “simple, friendly and fun.” Similar to sites like DailyBurn and RunKeeper, Fleetly uses social competition to motivate users and build a sense of community, and utilizes a variety of metrics to track success and provide suggestions for a variety of workouts.

What sets Fleetly apart (aside from having a much more attractive looking site – which makes a huge, positive difference) is the way in which it enables the user to target areas of  the body and define the results they want. A comprehensive list of workouts and exercise types help with sports training, or striking a balance between cardio, flexibility and strength training. There are even a number of suggested workouts in the “travel” section – these need no special equipment, so there’s no excuse even when you’re away from home. All workouts are broken down and explained simply so even first timers don’t have to feel lost or overwhelmed. There are even videos guides so you can check to make sure you’re doing the movements properly. Users can even create their own routines to share with ours.

The healthy sense of competition is still very much present on Fleetly. There are tons of friendly challenges to participate in, leaderboards to show off your workout points and earned medals, and an activity stream that shows what your friends are doing. However, I did run into a problem when trying to link my Facebook profile with my Fleetly account. Until this bug is fixed, the social component is kind of moot. Another issue is that Fleetly has no onboarding screen or instructions when you sign up. While it’s easy enough to figure out after sometime, the main page has a lot going on and can be kind of daunting for first time users. It’s important to keep in mind that Fleetly is still less than a year old and has a lot of promise, minor issues aside. There is also an iPhone app that makes the material a bit more accessible for Apple users.



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