G-List Companies: Rypple

G-List Companies: Rypple


As part of our ongoing G-List of the top players in gamification, today we begin with the platforms that provide technology solutions for implementing game mechanics in marketing, business, and health.

Rypple [http://www.rypple.com]
Founded: 2008
Location: San Francisco, Toronto, and Atlanta
Employees: 25
Funding: $13M total from Peter Thiel, Maynard Webb, and Bridgescale

Rypple strives to make employees more engaged in their work life. It’s a social platform that helps managers and their teams recognize one another for great work, share priorities and get real time feedback on how they’re doing.  Rypple helps every manager be a great manager and allows employees to get real time actionable feedback that they actually find useful.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Rypple is a platform to be used within your company to improve employee engagement and morale.  It is not a customer facing solution.  With that in mind if what you’re looking for is a way to improve communication between management and workers, than Rypple may be the product you’ve been looking for.  With its flexible payment options and free trial period Rypple allows you to tailor your experience to your budgetary needs.  However, if your team is small and already has good communication vectors in place, Rypple may not prove useful to you.

Rypple is designed to be used interdepartmentally by any web savvy company.
Facebook, Gilt Groupe, Photobucket, Vivaki, ZS Associates, Get Satisfaction, Bazaarvoice, Kobo
Rypple works on a freemium model. New subscribers get access to all features for a 30-day trial.
Key Statistics
Rypple offers three subscription plans: (1) a free plan that includes ongoing feedback and recognition. (2) the Premium Plan, for $5/user/month, which includes coaching tools, 360 feedback, user admin, reporting and analytics, and phone and email support. And (3) the Phenomenal Plan, for $9/user/month, which provides access to our complete social performance management suite (social performance reviews, social goals, single sign-on, rollout support, executive education, plus all Premium features)
Webinars Contact
http://rypple.com/epic-leadership-tips sales@rypple.com


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