Gamification Roundup – April 2, 2012

Gamification Roundup – April 2, 2012


This week on the gamification roundup, we’ve got some good news on new releases in the gamification world. Jive is rolling out an Advanced Gamification Module with Bunchball, Outbid is bringing social elements and gamification into the auction world, Energy Battle cuts energy consumption by 45%, Katie Salen talks about newly learned gaming principles for education, and The Hunger Games breaks records with their ad campaigns. Check out the full roundup after the jump.


Jive Releases Advanced Gamification Module – MarketWatch, March 28
Jive has been collaborating with Bunchball to release Jive Gamification as a part of Jive’s social business platform. The advanced gamification module is a part of Bunchball’s new Nitro platform and will feature gamification elements, pervasive integration and targeted personalization.


4 Gaming Principles for Successful Education – MindShift, March 26
Katie Salen, executive director of Institute for Play, interviewed some heavyweight game designers like Valve and Blizzard and learned a few essential gaming principles that could be applied to education.


“Energy Battle” Studies Show 45% Savings in Electricity – ScienceDaily, March 28
A study done on sustainability game, Energy Battle, has shown that 20 student households were able to cut their energy consumption by 45% when given access to rankings, saving tips, and direct feedback. The study also showed that when players stopped playing the game, usage increased but remained below baseline.


Outbid Brings Gamification to Auctions – AuctionBytes, March 29
Outbid is a new service aiming to combine social elements and gamification into the online bidding system. It aims to provide a clear and transparent service without anonymity and fuels activity through rewards for bidding and selling.


The Hunger Games-fication and Marketing – LonelyBrand, March 26
The Hunger Games release has earned its spot as the highest grossing domestic opening for a movie that isn’t a sequel. LonelyBrand takes a good look at the gamification of the movie’s website, games and social media marketing to hype up the movie release.


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