GList – Adeo Ressi of the Founder Institute on Better Entrepreneurship with...

GList – Adeo Ressi of the Founder Institute on Better Entrepreneurship with Gamification


Today in our ongoing GList, we’re featuring Adeo Ressi. In the tech world, startups are a dime a dozen. Many become huge successes but many more eventually fail. For the few success who were lucky enough to be apart of a startup accelerator, what aspects enabled them to succeed where nobody else could? Sure, one could attribute it to innovative ideas, hard work, excellent mentorship, and concerned investors but the Founder Institute has another trick up its sleeve.

That’s right: Gamification. The Founder Institute has discovered how to use gamification as the word’s largest startup accelerator/incubator to assist in bringing great ideas and dreams into fruition. This year at GSummit, come see Adeo Ressi, founding member of and the man who runs the Founder Institute. Adeo will be speaking about the Founder Institute’s use of gamification and metrics to increase performance and participation among individuals and entire teams. Discover how these techniques were pioneered and used and learn some secrets of entrepreneurial success for your own organization.


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