GSUMMITx Meetup Launches with a Bang in London

GSUMMITx Meetup Launches with a Bang in London



We held our first GSUMMITx in London this April 30th. Thanks to our venue sponsor, Capgemini, we were able to host a great meetup with over 40 people. Gabe Zichermann kicked it off with a fantastic talk. His three F’s were resounding in our collective heads afterward “Fun, Friends and Feedback”.


Next up with my demo of my own startup, Leaderboarded, where I showed how creating your own leaderboard lets you sway the herd using positive feedback and peer pressure. Well done to Scott Sinclair who won the Twitter leaderboard for the night! See the full GSUMMITx London leaderboard here.


We ended with a ‘Play for a Cause’ gamestorming session where we invited David Crane from idea to pitch a challenge to the audience. The international debate education association is a charity that seeks to improve the volume and quality of debating skills among young people across the world. Their challenge to us was to find ways to broaden digital and online engagement with debating. The audience teamed up, to come up with ideas on how David could attack the challenge. Then we all voted for our favorite ideas – in reverse order, a la Leaderboarded, they were an online “debating avatar”, a debating ‘rap-battle’ app and #1 was an ‘instagram for debate’ app – where you soundbite a friend who expresses a point well. The idea team will be looking at how to make them a reality and bring the three F’s into the world of democracy and debate.


Overall, GSUMMITx London was a huge success. Thanks to everyone involved! We look forward to taking the momentum from this meetup to the main event– the Gamification Summit 2012 in San Francisco this June 19-21. I hope to see you all there.


Check out this fantastic video from GSUMMITx London thanks to Nyk loates, ASE and Capgemini:



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