Discovering KLM Airlines Next Top Model with Guido Helmerhorst

Discovering KLM Airlines Next Top Model with Guido Helmerhorst

Guido Helmerhorst

Promoting Employee Engagement and Collaboration in KLM’s IT Division

Last time, we featured Head of Innovation Technology and Learning, Guido Helmerhorst from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to discuss his team’s recent project, “KLM’s Next Top Model“. With support from higher management, the project aimed to promote employee engagement and interdepartmental cooperation of KLM’s IT division.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • How did Guido become interested in gamification and weaved it into the KLM’s business process?
  • Why did the project team use a mystery narrative to onboard users to the platform?
  • what type of missions were users able to complete and how did gameplay contribute to the creative ideation process?
  • What did the team discover about the users who participated in the project?
  • How did gameplay encouraged people from different departments to talk about the organization from a fresh perspective?
  • How has the project shifted attitudes inside the organization since the completion of the project?
  • What other gamification initiatives are currently being implemented in KLM?

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