Prominent Gamifiers – Naureen Meraj and Imran Sayeed of NTT Data

Prominent Gamifiers – Naureen Meraj and Imran Sayeed of NTT Data

Naureen Meraj and Imran Sayeed are Collaboration Gurus

Seeing a company’s employees in a fully collaborative and effective setting is extremely hard to come by these days. As businesses continue to promote cutthroat strategies to encourage individual performance, teamwork is almost non-existent.  In fact, it may get so bad that simply communicating with colleagues over an internet chat-platform even becomes tiresome, which also isn’t helped by the fact that most of these communication platforms are hard to understand and difficult to work with.

NTT DATA suffered this exact problem when they needed a communications platform for its global offices. In 2010, they attempted rolling out a solution called Socially to address these issues but only got a dismal 20 out of 7000 employees to participate. After five months of constant badgering, NTT DATA was able to marginally raise their active users to about 420 users. Clearly, this wasn’t working — that is until Naureen Meraj and Imran Sayeed stepped in and decided to incorporate gamification into the collaboration system.

The platform gained an enormous shift in momentum and jumped up to 4000 monthly active users after only six months. Through the use of well-designed challenges, badges, leaderboards, social elements, and prizes, Naureen and Imran were able to completely transform their paltry social portal into the company’s main collaborative platform that connects 35 countries together across the world.

NTT DATA’s success with their collaborative platform can be replicated in order to achieve that collaborative idealism we all desire in the workspace. Naureen and Imran will be sharing their insights on how to design and gamify for collaboration during their session at GSummit SF 2013.

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