Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants Your Gamification Story

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants Your Gamification Story

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JGL and Morgan Spurlock Are Making a Gamification Documentary

Have you ever wanted to share your personal gamification story to the world? Now’s your chance.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock are teaming up to produce a crowdsourced documentary on gamification as their next project for JGL’s hittRECord organization. They’re seeking anyone and everyone to contribute stories, illustrations, graphics, and videos about the following question:

“What do you think has been gamified in today’s world?”

Such an open-ended question is ripe for really amazing answers, especially given the expert-level of readers who frequent this blog. I would encourage anyone recently inspired by a particular gamification example (transcending simple PBL elements, obviously) to share their story with this project and really get the word out on some of the better examples that currently exist.

The fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has uttered the word “gamification” is a testament to the growing popularity of the word but also demonstrates a misunderstanding of how we as an industry define it. Although it would seem like this documentary is primarily focused on how people are perceiving daily life-activities as games (based off most of the submissions I’ve seen so far), there are infinite possibilities to talk about the really prominent examples like FoldIt, Zombie Geography, and Soccket — just to name a few. Take a look at the video below and submit your own content!

You can certainly expect some coming from the Gamification Co team.


  1. This is a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing. Amazing to see Joseph Levitt talking about gamification,even if he may not understand how we define it as an industry. First I see Chamillionaire now Joseph Levitt…who’s next?