Get Gamification Certified in LA, San Francisco or NYC this November

Get Gamification Certified in LA, San Francisco or NYC this November


With a great deal of demand for Gabe Zichermann’s Advanced Gamification Workshop (Expert Level 3 w/ Certification) at GSummit this year, the community has pushed us to offer more workshops around the country. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing our always sold-out Advanced Gamification Workshop to Los Angeles (Nov 4), San Francisco (Nov 7) and New York City (Nov 14). Only 25 seats will be available in each city–compared to 75 at GSummit this past June. You can register here.

It’s fair to say that Gabe’s Gamification Workshop is one of the most highly sought after workshops in business right now. Many of the world’s top brands have already taken our workshop including ADP, Boeing, CA, CARFAX, ESPN, Expedia, Fidelity, GE Capital, HSN, March of Dimes, Mass Mutual, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, T-Mobile, Tata, Verizon, and Wells Fargo…just to name a small percentage of this year’s Workshop attendees.

Our Level 3 Gamification Certification Program (accredited by the Engagement Alliance) is designed to take professionals with an interest in gamification and engagement science through the basics of player motivation, game systems thinking, creative design, gamification architecture and implementation modalities. It will provide a foundational education and key methodologies necessary to architect gamification for employee, customer and/or audience engagement. You must complete Level 1 (Basic) and Level 2 (Intermediate) before completing this course to earn your certification. This Gamification Certification Program is a hands-on workshop (or online) experience facilitated by Gabe Zichermann and designed to enable you to:

  • Understand the key and relevant concepts of gamification design, including: player motivation, behavioral economics, incentives/rewards and design frameworks
  • Identify the key challenges framing the true cost of ownership and long-term considerations in developing gamification strategies for your organization
  • Design a Gamification Architecture – the essential foundation of any gamification program. This architecture includes all the relevant elements of the gamification program, including thoughtful analysis and first-pass design for:
  1. Point systems
  2. Leveling
  3. Badging and Status
  4. Leaderboards
  5. Challenges
  6. Rewards/Incentives (SAPS models)
  7. Testing and Iterative (Agile) Processes
  8. Virtual economies and virtual items
  • Drive the development and testing process, identifying key resources necessary to make your project a success
  • Gain a composite picture of key gamification platform vendors, their strengths/weaknesses and how to choose the right partner
  • Have access to key gamification experts that will review your gamification architecture and provide valuable feedback/supplemental resources.

With only 25 seats open in each of the three locations, this workshop will be sold-out before the summer ends. Again, we’ll be LA (Nov 4), San Francisco (Nov 7) and NYC (Nov 14) and you can register here.