Utah Employs Gamification To Convince Young Adults To Sign Up For Health...

Utah Employs Gamification To Convince Young Adults To Sign Up For Health Care


In order for all the new health care programs to work as they were designed to, it is important that young adults sign up for health care as well as older individuals.

In the health care world, young adults are often referred to as “young invincibles” because most young adults have not yet developed any chronic health issues. Plus, there are at a point in their lives where they feel a little bit invincible against health issues and problems.

Unfortunately, this mindset often prevents young adults from signing up for health care coverage. However, in order for health care to work, you need a balance of individuals in all ages ranges and health ranges to sign up.

Arches Health Plan is a co-op health plan in Utah that has been trying out a unique approach to reach these so called young invincibles. Arches Health Plan partnered up with the University of Utah Entertainment ARts and Engineering program to design an application that uses principles of gamification to educate young adults about the risk they take by not having health insurance.

The app, one of the newest games in health to hit the market, is called “Arches Saves YoScreenshot (16)ur Bacon.” The game is designed to show users the health risks associated with everyday activities they may engage in.

The app guides the user throughout a “typical” year, and shows the health costs associated with minor incidents as well as catastrophic accidents. With each event, the game shows how much someone without healthcare would have to pay in that situation, and how much someone with healthcare would pay.

The game is designed to show the risks of not having health care, as well as the benefits that come along with having health care coverage. The hope is this app will entice young adults to purchase health care coverage.

Other insurance plans will be watching Arches Health Plan to see if this app entices more young adults to sign up with them this year. If this app works, expect to see more health plans follow suit.


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